LxC: Girl V. Life

anticlimactic mischief maker. queer. in love with Philadelphia, road trips, & bad decisions. sucker for blue eyes and freckles. poet.

how to be like me: grief addition

wake up & look for your dead pet
get hit with a ton of bricks,
“Oh yeah, she’s dead.”
think about anything else.
talk to a girl.
decide thinking about girl is best.
go to work.
cry in the car.
cry in the store.
yell at a clueless bank teller.
have your favorite bank teller look at you with concern.
think about how stupid your fascination with blue eyes is.
tell yourself to get a grip.
it was only a pet.
find a calm place & think about how
relieved you are that nothing worse
can happen to her.
Bette Midler your way through work.

get teary eyed at your boss.
leave work early.
go to the post office.
have witty post office banter.
send a thing to a girl.
sit at a freshly dug cat sized grave
for a long period of time.
skip the run.
have a drink with dinner.
have five drinks with dinner.
have seven drinks sans dinner.
drunk clean your room.
stumble upon your horde of baby cat wiskers.
drink more.